Benefits of Project ECHO- OMDA VIGOR

By participating in Project ECHO- OMDA VIGOR, geriatric providers will:

  • Obtain knowledge from specialists
  • Earn medical credit for participation
  • Advance knowledge to improve patient care
  • Engage with an expert team and collaborate with the OMDA-VIGOR community
What are people saying about OMDA VIGOR sessions?

“Great presentation! It's nice to discuss the current issues we are facing day to day.”

“We will all be able to better serve our residents as a result of these presentations.”

 “Thank you. I really enjoyed the meeting.”

 “It was very helpful and informative -- as a Secondary Case Manager and RN for a HHC this is very useful information for our patients that are at home and have issues with Dementia -- it helps me guide our field nurses in pointing the patient/patient's family in the direction they need to go to.  It will also give me more information to discuss with the physicians.”